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I'm facing very weird issue. I've 3 tables. I'm using LINQ to SQL in WCF.

  1. Number (It has RankId foreign key which is linked to Rank table)
  2. Rank (RankId primary key)
  3. CategoryRank (It has also RankId foreign key which is linked to Rank table)

I'm using WCF which is returning top 10 data from Number table. When I look at n.Rank.Number (where n is the object of Number class) and n.Rank.CategoryRank at WCF side, it's showing me properly filled data. But at the client side when I check n.Rank.Number (it's showing me data filled) where as n.Rank.CategoryRank is null.

I'm returning data as List<Number>. I also tried using load options but it didn't work. At the client side HasAssignedOrLoadedValues for x.Rank.Number is true where it's false for x.Rank.CategoryRank.

I've my serialization mode to Unidirectional and also child property is true between relational tables.

Can someone guide me what's wrong with this?



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Can you show us the Linq-to-SQL query you're using on the server side?? –  marc_s Jul 18 '11 at 12:50

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If Number is a LINQtoSQL generated type you probably don't need to share that type with the client, instead create a custom type that is a DataContract with DataMembers and map the values you want from Number to this custom type using either reflection or something like AutoMapper. So instead you'd have the return value from the service as

List<CustomNumberType> instead.  

It's obvious the n.Rank.CategoryRank is not being serialized.

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