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I'm trying to implement Auto-Renewable subscriptions in my app and having a problem: it looks like restoreCompletedTransactions restores transactions only from the last call of restoreCompletedTransactions to now.

For example, if the subscription started on June 1 and I call restoreCompletedTransactions on June 15, it returns all transactions from June 1 to June, 15. Next time I call restoreCompletedTransactions on June 16 and it returns transactions from June 15 to June 16. If there are no autorenew transactions since last call of restoreCompletedTransactions it returns nothing.

Is this correct? How can I retrieve information about previous transactions?

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you are more likely to get answers if you tag this with your platform - is this iPhone, Android, or what? –  Kate Gregory Jul 31 '11 at 17:10

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This is counter to what I've experienced. In my experience, when you call restoreCompletedTransactions it sends you a boat-load of receipts that seems to increase each time you make that call.

But to answer your question, what Apple recommends is that you store and verify all receipts from your own server. So any time the app receives a receipt, you're supposed to send it to your server for verification and possible storage. That way it wouldn't matter if restoreCompletedTransactions is really only giving you new transactions.

In addition, when you verify an auto-renewable receipt with Apple, they'll send you the latest receipt that pertains to that subscription.

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