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By default the comments are shown by "social ranking".

Is it possible to set the default value to "reverse chronological"?

The official docs for social plugins does not mention this option...

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If you are using the social plugin given by FB, then i think there is no such option available..

what do u mean by Social ranking?

If you are ready to use FQL then you can try my below suggestion.

Normally all FB data are rendered based on timestamps , so if u want to get the latest comments for a specific page, you can use the FQL query to get desired results..

Sample query

query=select post_fbid, fromid, object_id, text, time from comment where
object_id in (select comments_fbid from link_stat where 
url ="http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/fql/comment/") 
order by time desc
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Thanks for your suggestion! Anyway i'm forced to use the plugin version. :( By "social ranking" i mean that the comments are sorted by a social algorithm. – Luciano Jul 18 '11 at 14:21
that's ok. In plugin version , facebook doesn't allow the users to customize more.. we should stick with what we have :( – Vijay Jul 19 '11 at 6:34

I answered here too: Setting Facebook comments web plugin

It just works if you add the attribute


to the div provided in the html5 version provided by Facebook.

(sorry for the duplicate answer. I came across here googling, that's why I think is usefull to post it here too)

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Sorry for exact duplicate, but it is possible to set the default sorting order to reverse chronological. See my answer here.

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