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I tried to google the answer, but I am still puzzled about their relationship. I speculate Hibernate is a kind of DAO. And I looked up DAO in Wikipedia, DAO

But found there is nothing related with hibernate there. So what exactly is the relationship between the two? Some examples will be great!

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No, Hibernate is an Object-Relational-Mapper (see also Object-relational impedance mismatch).

DAO is a design pattern that is technology independent. DAOs on the Java platform usually use one (usually only one) of the following technologies: JDBC, Hibernate, JPA, JDO

So you can use Hibernate without using DAOs (although it's rarely a good idea) and you certainly can create DAOs without using Hibernate. Nevertheless, about 50% of all Java DAO classes are created using either plain Hibernate or JPA with Hibernate as JPA provider.

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DAO generally describes the interface between your application and the underlying database. You can implement this functionallity by using a Object-Relational-Mapper - which Hibernate is.

Don't think I can describe it better - sorry.

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