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I am using eclipse ide for android developement. I have run my application in avd of andriod 2.1. It was working fine. I worked the whole day and then i turnoff my system. The next day I launched my eclipse but when I tried launch the avd I got Missing arch-specific emulator program: E:\androidsdk\tools/emulator-arm.exe error. How to overcome ths issue and start my AVD again.

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Run the SDK Manager and update everything. If that doesn't work, reinstall just the SDK manager, ADT plugin on eclipse should be fine.

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In my case, this was solved by doing the following:

- Launch Android SDK Tools > SDK Manager

- Under Tools folder, Choose Android SDK Tools

- Choose 'Delete 1 Package' to remove Android SDK Tools

- Get coffee. Curse gods.

- Choose 'Install 1 Package' to reinstall Android SDK Tools

Android emulator is a deep, deep hell, unto which much time must be sacrificed. Hopefully this will add 10 minutes to someone's life.


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Worked with me, thanks. –  Hamzeh Soboh Nov 14 '12 at 11:06
I loved this step: "Get coffee. Curse gods" –  Ashraf Bashir Mar 24 at 16:40

I kept running into this on Mac OSX and it was driving me nuts.

I finally found out the issue was with the way I added the android tools dir to my PATH in my .bashrc


export PATH="~/android-sdks/tools:$PATH"


export PATH="$HOME/android-sdks/tools:$PATH"

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I had this problem when trying to run the emulator through a symlink on the path. The emulator executable located at /usr/bin/android-sdk/tools/emulator could not find the other tool (/usr/bin/android-sdk/tools/emulator-arm) since it was being run from my home folder instead of /usr/bin/android-sdk/tools.

I fixed it by putting the following script on my path where the symlink used to be:

#! /usr/bin/env sh

#Get the folder of the script, so we can find the path
#that is relative to it
directory="$(dirname $0)"
$directory/android-sdk/tools/emulator "$@"
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I found it worked by running /non/linked/path/to/emulator instead of /linked/emulator. –  jab Mar 4 at 17:04

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