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I have a view in MVC3, that has bunch of check boxes. The user checks one or more check boxes and clicks on submit. On submit, I would like to display the checked boxes values in a partial view or a view.

   <tr><td> @Html.Label("Label1")</td><td>  @Html.CheckBox("CB1")</td></tr>   
   <tr><td> @Html.Label("Label2")</td><td>  @Html.CheckBox("CB2")</td></tr>
   <tr><td> @Html.Label("Label3")</td><td>  @Html.CheckBox("CB3")</td></tr>
 @Html.ActionLink("Submit", "SubmitCB")

Controller action:

 public ActionResult SubmitCB()
      @foreach (var checked in ?) 
             //Display checked only here...            

I was wondering how I can loop through and display the results in a partial view or a view. Thanks for your help.

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You need to change your action to allow it to bind to the submitted form. Also, you need to submit the form properly (I would suggest wrapping it in a form tag and using a submit button as opposed to an action link. But here's what your action would look like:

public ActionResult SubmitCB(bool CB1, bool CB2, bool CB3)
    ... // use CB1, CB2, and CB3 here

If you'd like these checkboxes to be in a list, you need to give them all the same name and different values. Then You can have your action take in something like SubmitCB(string[] CBs) and look at the values in that array (they'll be the values of the selected checkboxes).

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If I have a lot more check boxes than 3, how do I handle this.. cumbersome to have so many checkboxes as parameters? –  ZVenue Jul 18 '11 at 15:02
Use the second method. All your checkboxes should have the same name and different Ids. I usually choose to not use the Html.CheckBox helper for this as it's kind of dumb about it. But that's your choice. Just check SO for MVC 3 checkbox list: stackoverflow.com/questions/2067786/asp-net-mvc-checkbox-group –  Milimetric Jul 18 '11 at 15:22

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