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I want to trigger this jquery function by using trigger method of JQuery. How can I do that ? Actually I dont even know the trigger method is suitable for user defined functions.

$('a.pop').click(function() {alert('testing'); }

this is not working


 var testtt = function(){ alert('aaa');} 
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Very similar to the way you install the event handler:


If you have the name of the event you want to trigger as a string, you can also do it this way:


This is also the solution to use if you want to pass crafted data to the event handler -- trigger also accepts a second parameter.

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You can trigger a click event on the element by simply running

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$('a.pop').click(), or if you're triggering some dynamic method, or custom event:

$('a.pop').trigger(eventName), e.g: $('a.pop').trigger('click');

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Reading from jQuery API, the following should work.

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.trigger() is used to trigger event handlers (custom or built-in'). Since you bound your function to the "click" handler, you can use trigger like so to call it:


jQuery's event binding methods can also be called without parameters to trigger them, which means you can also do this:

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