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I'm getting the error:

Invalid column name 'Reserved'

I'm not sure where in my database code this is, and have 100s of stored procedures, functions & triggers which I would have to manually look through to find this reference to an unknown column.

Is there a way of quickly searching for which objects contain this keyword?

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Try this:

SELECT o.name, t.TABLE_NAME, c.text 
  FROM syscomments c 
  JOIN sysobjects o 
    ON c.id = o.id
    ON  c.text LIKE '%reserved%' 

Or if you looking for tables with a column called Reserved you do:

select o.name 
from sys.objects o 
inner join sys.columns c 
on o.object_id = c.object_id
where o.type = 'u' and c.name = 'Reserved'

If you want to filter your search on certain type of objects such as procedures, views, or tables you can do it adding 'p' for stored procedures, 'v' for views, 'u' for user defined tables, 'tr' for triggers ex:

AND o.type = 'p'
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http://www.red-gate.com/products/sql-development/sql-search/ might be able to help as well

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