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I'm currently using:

$(".navigation ul ul, .shoppingbasket ul ul").css({display: "none"});
$(".navigation ul li, .shoppingbasket ul li").click(function(){

I'm wanting to disable parent li if has child items

$(".navigation ul li:has(ul)").hover(function () {
$(this).children("a").click(function () {
return false;

But they seem to be stopping each other from working together, does anyone have any idea how to fix this problem?

See link to see my problem http://www.media21a.co.uk/clientlogin/benaiahmatheson/benaiah-matheson/profile/

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I believe you're trying to get the click event for a parent LI anchor tag to not load a page, but instead display the children LI elements. This will prevent the loading of a page based on a click event on a parent LI anchor element if there is a nested UL.

$('.navigation ul li a').click(function(e){
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Thank you for your quick reply. I believe this is the correct answer : ) –  Delete Jul 18 '11 at 19:15

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