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I am using a DevExpress (10.2) Treelist in my VB.Net project in Visual Studio 2008. I currently have a treelist with TreeList.OptionsBehavior.Editable = True. I have two columns were the first one is AllowEdit = False. The second column I am setting the AllowEdit and ReadOnly dynamically though the action FocusedNodeChanged.

Within the FocusedNodeChange subroutine I check if a specific value is in the row and if so I set it to be editable or non-editable. I am setting it to be editable with:

treeList.Columns("field_name").OptionsColumn.ReadOnly = False
treeList.Columns("field_name").OptionsColumn.AllowEdit = True

and setting it to readonly with:

treeList.Columns("field_name").OptionsColumn.ReadOnly = True
treeList.Columns("field_name").OptionsColumn.AllowEdit = False

This works to a degree. Right now if I go in the editable cell in the treelist the cursor appears and blinks so I know it is editable and if I go in the cell when the un-editable row is focused the cursor doesn't blink.

However even though the cursor blinks I am unable to type. When I click on keys (numbers and letters) on the keyboard nothing is written.


Simple solution. The stored procedure I was using to fetch the data into the table didn't contain the field for the particular column I was trying to make editable and not editable. This was because it was a new value that was insert/updated differently than normal. To fix this I fetched null and/or 0 and it worked fine.

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The code you are using is not quite correct. The best solution is to handle the TreeList's ShowingEditor event and set the e.Cancel parameter accordingly. To determine the current cell, use the TreeList's FocusedColumn and FocusedNode properties.

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I removed FocusedNodeChange and did what you said in the ShowingEditor event and I have the same problem. In the rows I can edit I see the blinking cursor and can't type. In the row I don't want to edit I can't type and don't see the blinking cursor. –  Kyra Jul 18 '11 at 17:24
Handle the ShowingEditor event and control the cell's editing by the e.Cancel parameter. You should not change the column's ReadOnly and AllowEdit properties. This should work. –  platon Jul 18 '11 at 18:21

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