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What's the REST API call required to undo/remove/destroy/delete a retweet (of another user) from the authenticated user's timeline? There's simply no mention of this in the API documentation on the Twitter website.

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Native retweet has all attributes of a simple tweet including a unique ID. So, you can use statuses/destroy method to remove it.

How to get that ID depends on your application. First, it's returned by statuses/retweet method. Second, you can get user's timeline and parse out ID of this tweet.

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Just curious, both these solutions don't seem complete. What if the status to undo isn't in the last 100 retweets (GET statuses/retweets/:id) or last 3200 tweets (GET statuses/user_timeline)? Those number limits seemed to be defined by the API. –  Eugene Mar 9 at 23:03

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