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I wish to add some sort of a "Write a Review" or "Rate Us" feature to my app so my customers can easily rate and review my app.

Best practice I can think of is to have some sort of pop-up or open a UIWebView within my app so the user is not kicked off of my app while opening the App Store application as done in:

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"itms://"]];

Does anyone knows of a way to do that?

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The one that I use and works wonders on iOS 5+ (also available for Mac OS X, but this answer is focused on the iOS portion) and up on all devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) is iRate.

It uses a and to ask the user for a rating (or to remind them later). Everything is customizable, from the name of the Cancel Button Title to the Interval at which it reminds the user.

By default, iRate automatically opens when certain requirements are met (ex. app launched X number of times, user passed X number of levels), but you can also use a variety of methods and your own logic (with the help of iRate methods) to manually display an iRate popup.


To install, just drag the header (.H) file the implementation (.M) file, and the iRate Bundle (for localization) into your project.

  1. Import the header in your AppDelegate: #import "iRate.h"
  2. Add the StoreKit Framework to your project - More on StoreKit from Apple Documentation
  3. Add the following method to your app delegate: + (void)initialize
  4. The properties below can be set in the initialize method, however none of them are required (iRate can automatically find all of this information).


The property below is useful for testing purposes. Set it to YES during testing to make sure the dialog appears properly. When set to YES it will appear immediately on startup disregarding other display settings. Set this to NO for release versions of your app.

 [iRate sharedInstance].previewMode = NO;

The appStoreID property allows you to set the ID of your app. This is only required if you have both Mac and iOS apps with the same Bundle Identifier. The App ID set here must also match the Bundle ID set in Xcode and iTunes Connect:

[iRate sharedInstance].appStoreID = 555555555;

More Details

Full documentation in the iRate files details all available properties, delegates, and methods. Here is an image of the final product:

iRate Alert


If you use the Crittercism Crash Reporting service, they provide a simple way to display a Rate Us dialog. Just select your app on the Crittercism website, navigate to the settings tab, then select the "Rate Dialog" tab. This feature allows your app to setup a Rate Us dialog without using any code as long as your app uses Crittercism. Please note that I am not related to or endorsed by Crittercism in anyway.

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FYI, the latest version of iRate doesn't require the [iRate sharedInstance].appStoreID any more - it works automatically using the bundle ID in your Info.plist file. – Nick Lockwood Jun 8 '12 at 16:04
Can this one redirect user to Review tab of Appstore page in IOS 7 too ? If is there any chance of this thing then please post answer for this – Mrug Aug 5 '14 at 12:16

A really good one I use is Appirater:

It automatically prompts your users to leave reviews, you just have to provide your app id.

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