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The following code automatically generated in my file:

DevExpress.Utils.SuperToolTip superToolTip1 = new DevExpress.Utils.SuperToolTip();
DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipTitleItem toolTipTitleItem1 = new DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipTitleItem();
DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipItem toolTipItem1 = new DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipItem();
DevExpress.Utils.SuperToolTip superToolTip2 = new DevExpress.Utils.SuperToolTip();
DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipTitleItem toolTipTitleItem2 = new DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipTitleItem();
DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipItem toolTipItem2 = new DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipItem();
DevExpress.Utils.SuperToolTip superToolTip12 = new DevExpress.Utils.SuperToolTip();
DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipTitleItem toolTipTitleItem12 = new DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipTitleItem();
DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipItem toolTipItem12 = new DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipItem();

Then I add two KeyDown event and check the above code again, they becomes:

DevExpress.Utils.SuperToolTip superToolTip13 = new DevExpress.Utils.SuperToolTip();
DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipTitleItem toolTipTitleItem13 = new DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipTitleItem();
DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipItem toolTipItem13 = new DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipItem();
DevExpress.Utils.SuperToolTip superToolTip14 = new DevExpress.Utils.SuperToolTip();
DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipTitleItem toolTipTitleItem14 = new DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipTitleItem();
DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipItem toolTipItem14 = new DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipItem();
DevExpress.Utils.SuperToolTip superToolTip24 = new DevExpress.Utils.SuperToolTip();
DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipTitleItem toolTipTitleItem24 = new DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipTitleItem();
DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipItem toolTipItem24 = new DevExpress.Utils.ToolTipItem();

Why the supertooltip1 becomes supertooltip13? Why those numbers automatically increase? Thanks a lot!

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Why do you care about the code generated by Visual Studio. I would assume the reason it increments the control is because your adding additional controls to the form. One would hope you only need one of each. –  Ramhound Jul 18 '11 at 17:15
I didn't add more controls. I only add two more events. Yes, it still works even the number increases - just want to know the reason why causing this code change. Thanks all the same! –  spspli Jul 19 '11 at 15:03
I would guess its something you are doing. I personally don't have this problem. –  Ramhound Jul 19 '11 at 16:13
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