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I have this code:

    public class Configuration{

        public Control container;

        public Configuration()
            container = new Control();


and i want to initialize in the constructor of Configuration the contrainer of control, i wanna be able to add componentes to the container like this:


With the assurance that the Container has already been initialized.

How to accomplish this?

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Use "lazy-loading" technique.

public class Configuration {
    private Control container;
    public Control Container {
        get {
            var result = this.container;
            if ( null == result ) {
                this.container = result = new Container();
        set { this.container = value; }

// ... elsewhere ...
var cfg = new Configuration();
cfg.Container.Controls.Add(new Button());
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Use the Loaded event handler to execute your code:

container.Loaded += (s, e) =>
    // do something

This example is using an anonymous method, but of course you can use the usual handler as well.

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