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I need to alter a database using a batch file, for a simple example, drop a table. I´m using local sqlexpress (sql server 2008 r2) with user sa and its password. How would the bat file be? How can I specify in the script the password and that I use sql express? Thank you, I'm new with this.

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Take a look at the sqlcmd utility. It allows you to execute SQL from the command line.


It's all in there in the documentation, but the syntax should look something like this:

sqlcmd -U myLogin -P myPassword -S MyServerName -d MyDatabaseName 
    -Q "DROP TABLE MyTable"
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You can do like this

sqlcmd -S <server Name> -U sa -P sapassword -i inputquery_file_name -o outputfile_name

From your command prompt run sqlcmd /? to get all the options you can use with sqlcmd utility

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