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I try to use the ClientBundle implementation to manage my Images to a large File and minimize the HTTP-Requests.

I put in my gwt.xml

Generate the ClientBundle

public interface ResourceBundle extends ClientBundle {

public static final ResourceBundle INSTANCE = GWT.create(ResourceBundle.class);

ImageResource smiley();


The Image would be found, no errors.

Here is the code

@Override public void onModuleLoad() {

    CLogger.log("Start Engine");

    int width = 800;
    int height = 600;

    Canvas canvas = Canvas.createIfSupported();
    canvas.setWidth(width + "px");
    canvas.setHeight(height + "px");
    Context2d c = canvas.getContext2d();

    Image img = new Image(ResourceBundle.INSTANCE.smiley());
    img.addLoadHandler(new LoadHandler() {

        public void onLoad(LoadEvent event) {
            CLogger.log(event.getSource() + " loaded");
    CLogger.log("Visible: " + img.isVisible());

    c.drawImage((ImageElement) new Image(ResourceBundle.INSTANCE.smiley()).getElement().cast(), 0, 0);



I create a simple Canvas and set the size to 800x600. I create a new Context2D Object to draw the Image at the Context and add the Canvas to the RootPanel.

The logs shows:

[20:10:21.676] - Start Engine [20:10:21.851] - Visible: true [20:10:21.853] -

The Image exists under the logged URL so everything looks fine. But the Image would not be draw or it would draw but not display.

Anybody an idea?

I thought the ClientBundle loads the Images as the start in the backend. So if I get an Instance every Image/Css and others fill be loaded?

Regars Markus

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Image contents aren't guaranteed to be loaded synchronously. Depending on the capabilities of the browser and the size of the image data, the resource may be stored as a standalone file, which appears to be the case that you're describing (i.e. cache.png). Does a formulation like this make any difference?

final Image img = new Image(ResourceBundle.INSTANCE.smiley());
img.addLoadHandler(new LoadHandler() {
  public void onLoad(LoadEvent e) {
    c.drawImage((ImageElement) img.getElement());
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If you use CSSResources and ImageBundles outside of UiBinder you have to make sure that the stlyesheet and images are injected properly.

See here for more information.

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