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Well here we go,

Its there a way to parse Javascript with php- simplehtml-dom parser ? I want parse web content generated by javascript, without a direct way to parse images etc because they are created after the javascript generates it.

Here is the sourcecode of the web: view-source:

and the web:

If you check the source the images etc are generated by JavaScript so I cant directly parse them. Is there a parser for PHP that can do it ??

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No. You can only parse the DOM as it exists. You would need an entire javascript engine integrated into the parser in order to do that. I suppose it could potentially be done with other external tools (i.e. handing off to node.js or something and then gettign the final DOM back fro parsing by php) but thats a whole lot of complication.

One could also attempt to make a js analyzer for a specific set of use cases but this is bound to be error prone expecially if the html in question is coming from a site you dont control.

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