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  <%= select_tag 'pseudo-attribute', options_for_select(...), :include_blank => 'Nowhere'%>

This tag used to include a blank option with "Nowhere" but now the text box is blank, does anyone know why that is?

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Now the code for the select tag is (Rails 3.1.0.rc4)

  def select_tag(name, option_tags = nil, options = {})
    html_name = (options[:multiple] == true && !name.to_s.ends_with?("[]")) ? "#{name}[]" : name

    if options.delete(:include_blank)
      option_tags = "<option value=\"\"></option>".html_safe + option_tags

    if prompt = options.delete(:prompt)
      option_tags = "<option value=\"\">#{prompt}</option>".html_safe + option_tags

    content_tag :select, option_tags, { "name" => html_name, "id" => sanitize_to_id(name) }.update(options.stringify_keys)

which means you have to replace :include_blank with :prompt. Use include blank if you want a blank option in your select field :)

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