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I try to have a few hours own layout, but I still have a problem. I would like make: http://img191.imageshack.us/img191/1243/schemal.png

I would like that the body was flexible. Max width page 900px. I can't cope with float and clear.

Live example: http://jsfiddle.net/eTEz2/

Thanks for help!

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After rearranging the HTML slightly (moving all of the sidebar items to line up with one another - oneleft, oneright, twoleft etc...), I've recreated that effect, assuming you want the body to contain the floated items, and spill out below, with this jsfiddle.

If that's not the effect you wanted, I would suggest you rearrange your HTML to have three columns, like below:

<div class="column-left"></div>
<div class="column"></div>
<div class="column-right"></div>

And within these divs, you can have whatever elements you want, and you would only need to float the left and right columns here.

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thanks, but if i overflow then: jsfiddle.net/eTEz2/2 –  Limes Norgy Jul 18 '11 at 19:30
Like I said, try using the HTML format I provided after that, and simply set the properties as follows: .column-left{float: left; width: [enter width];} .column-right{float: right; width: [enter width];} That way, it will keep the content in line with the edges, regardless of height. –  Nightfirecat Jul 18 '11 at 19:32
i dont understand this. Could you make this in jsfiddle.net/eTEz2/2 ? –  Limes Norgy Jul 18 '11 at 19:36
Something like this: jsfiddle.net/eTEz2/3 would work? (Just need to add paddings to the columns for them to work properly) –  Nightfirecat Jul 18 '11 at 19:42
very thanks! :) this is very good:) –  Limes Norgy Jul 18 '11 at 20:00

Try to chop it up into different partitions first: header, footer, 2 sides and 1 content. The sides consist of 3 elements again (probably divs in your case).

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<div ></div> //top bar

<div id="left column" style="width:100px;float:left;">
   <div style="float:left; width:100px;">//left boxes
   <div style="float:left; width:100px;">
   <div style="float:left; width:100px;">
   <div style="float:left; width:100px;">

<div id="center column"  style="float:left; width:500px;">
     <div style="float:left; width:490px;"> //center box

<div id="rightcolumn" style="float:left; width:100px;">
   <div style="float:left; width:100px;">//right boxes
   <div style="float:left; width:100px;">
   <div style="float:left; width:100px;">
   <div style="float:left; width:100px;">

you can also use the css property height:190px; to set various heights. hope this helps you out.

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