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Assume I have a Grails domain object like this:

class Todo {

    String name
    String status

    static constraints = {
        name(blank: false)

What are the default constraints on a field if:

  • It's listed in the constraints block e.g. name
  • It isn't listed in the constraints block, e.g. status
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Yep, Siegfried is right, nullable: false is the only thing that gets set by default. You can take a look at the domain class artefact and interrogate the constrained properties in the console:

grailsApplication.getDomainClass("Todo").constrainedProperties.each { propName, constraints  ->
    println "$propName : ${}"


status : [nullable]
priority : [nullable]
name : [blank, nullable]
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As far as I know it is only nullable: false in both cases.

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