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I have some projects:

  • WebShared (Java Library project)
  • WebExternal (GWT Web Application)
  • WebInternal (GWT Web Application)

I have UI Binder's which are shared between WebExternal and WebInternal, and I organize those under the "WebShared" project.

I am now adding i18n support, and I want to use UI Binder's <ui:msg> tags, and consolidate them using the GWT-P script. works by running against a GWT app that was GWT compiled using the -extra parameter. Since WebShared is not a GWT app, running the script against it produces no output. Additionally, running against WebExternal or WebInternal does not produce a file that includes the messages from the WebShared project.

I believe it would work if I converted the WebShared project into a GWT project, but then I would still have two separate properties files to send to the translation service, and I don't want to deal with combining files or managing multiple files.

What is the best way to handle this scenario using the available tools, OR do I need to create my own script?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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This actually works by default. When the GWT Compiler runs, it generates .property files for the UI Binders that are localized, even if used from a dependent project, and the script runs against those property files.

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