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I'm trying to implement an AJAX Slideshow within an ASP.NET MVC 2 application. This is the error I get running the .aspx page with the AJAX slideshow is: (sorry it is in Italian... 'Ricerca di' means 'Search for', 'non esiste' means 'Not Found')

Individuazione origine di 'C:\Users\Stephen\Downloads\ajaxcontroltoolkit-a497357d78ce\AjaxControlToolkit_a497357d78ce\Server\AjaxControlToolkit\ToolkitScriptManager\ToolkitScriptManager.cs'. Checksum: MD5 {c1 d2 e2 8c cd 4b 65 11 35 53 7f f5 e3 3b 76 58}
Il file 'C:\Users\Stephen\Downloads\ajaxcontroltoolkit-a497357d78ce\AjaxControlToolkit_a497357d78ce\Server\AjaxControlToolkit\ToolkitScriptManager\ToolkitScriptManager.cs' non esiste.
Ricerca di 'C:\Users\Stephen\Downloads\ajaxcontroltoolkit-a497357d78ce\AjaxControlToolkit_a497357d78ce\Server\AjaxControlToolkit\ToolkitScriptManager\ToolkitScriptManager.cs' nei documenti di script...
Ricerca di 'C:\Users\Stephen\Downloads\ajaxcontroltoolkit-a497357d78ce\AjaxControlToolkit_a497357d78ce\Server\AjaxControlToolkit\ToolkitScriptManager\ToolkitScriptManager.cs' nei progetti.
Il file non è stato trovato in un progetto. >> File not Found.

It seems that the compiler is looking for ToolkitScriptManager.cs in a user folder?!? Note that I downloaded the AJAX control toolbox from codeplex, pointing to the .NET 3.5 version, and I added the reference to the AjaxControlToolbox.dll.

Any suggestion? How can I handle this error?

Thanks, Marco

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This link, Using the Ajax control toolbox with jQuery (and ASP.NET MVC), might give you some insight in how to solve your problem. From reading through the article, it seems that you might need to use the script only files for the control toolkit to make things work out with the MVC framework.

I also found that Stephen Walther has a couple of articles on how to use the Ajax Control Toolkit with MVC.

Good luck and hope this information helps you some.

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