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I came across this in an java interview earlier. It was one of the only question I wasn't able to answer merely through lack of familiarity with google maps integration.

Can anybody let me know what would have been a model answer? Research from google searches point me to Selenium but I'm not sure if I'm even on the right track?

p.s I'm not sure whether I posted this question in the correct manner but apologies in advance.

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Selenium is a fine example. Check out some of their example videos. Selenium is basically a way to test an application without having any access to its innards.

Either way, I'm sure there would be a follow up question with more specifics, so play around with it to get a feel for what it does.

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Thanks very much @normalocity. I will have a look. The question was literally posed like that and Im wondering whether i was expected to elaborate on the methodology in doing so. –  L-Samuels Jul 18 '11 at 21:31

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