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So, this is a bit complicated: I have two tables, say cats and dogs. They are in a many-to-many relationship (could be called friendships or whatever), so that Doctrine automatically creates a table cats_dogs for me with the appropriate fields. (that is rowid, cat_id, dog_id per default.)

Now, imagine I have a third table, award, where I want to award one of these friendships. Here I therefore need a field that references one row in cats_dogs. However, since this table does not really exist between my models, (Doctrine handles it for me) what would be the most elegant solution for this?

In the end, I want in my award model two fields, a cat and a dog, who need to be in a friendship.

I am using the annotation driver.

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See, this is one of the problems with one-size-fits-all ORMs - something that's trivial and perfectly obvious in SQL itself becomes utterly hard and confusing as soon as an ORM is involved. Sorry for interrupting, carry on. – tdammers Jul 18 '11 at 19:27
I guess it should be possible using Doctrine, without any dirty workarounds... I just don't know how. ;) – janoliver Jul 18 '11 at 19:33

What stops you from manually creating the m:n table instead of having doctrine do it for you?

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The Doctrine aims is to map objects from an E/R schema and to make easier the access to object connections. Therefore I believe that the table cats_dogs automatically provided by Doctrine is necessary as it is. It is concise and hits its purposes, i.e. it provides a list of all dogs of a cat or, vice versa, all the cats of a dog.

Thus, I can conclude that it is preferable to create a third entity (besides Cat and Dog) named Award which provides a one-to-one relationship with Cat and another one-to-one relationship with Dog. Making it consistent with the cats_dogs table is only up to you, and is not a Doctrine task by default. E.g., you can use some cascade persist option. I believe that this is the most effective solution with Doctrine.

As a final remark, consider that each table should map a specific relationship between one or more entities, and in fact the table cats_dogs represents the friendship relationships, while the table Award will represent the awarded relationship relationship between two friends.

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