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Is there a way I can use "git push" without specifying the path back to my github repo?
example: git@github.com:someuser/someproject.git

I thought I had found the answer to this by using. git push origin master
But realized this afternoon that this wasn't actually pushing any code changes to my repo. One of the people I'm collaborating with - doesn't have to specifiy the push location - why do I? I'm sure I just have something misconfigured. I'm the owner of the repo.

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yes. You specify that when you create a remote using git remote add origin <some url>. Then you can set the push command to always do that for certain branches.

git push -u origin somebranch

This will enable you to just

git push

from then on to push that branch.

Hope this helps.

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Awesome. Just couldn't figure out what I missed. And if I catch the intent here... you have the ability to send different branch code to different repo servers. Pretty slick +1 and answer –  BuddyJoe Jul 18 '11 at 19:38

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