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Question: why would an application not find the DLL “boost_thread-vc100-mt-1_46_1.dll” when the DLL is in fact properly installed, and other applications use the DLL successfully?

Problem: when starting an instance of my application, the following error message appears: “The program can’t start because boost_thread-vc100-mt-1_46_1.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.”

Several reasons why this message confuses me:

  1. The dll is present in C:\Program Files(x86)\boost\boost_1_46_1\lib
  2. Another project with similar settings runs properly and does create boost::thread objects successfully
  3. When I remove the code that creates boost::thread objects from my application, the error message does not appear.

Additional details: I am developing a C++/CLI application using MS VS 2010 with CLR enabled.

I am using the Boost Thread library (version 1.46.1).

Following the advice on posts about using Boost Thread and C++/CLI, I added the following code to one of my header files:

#if defined(_MANAGED)


#include "boost/thread.hpp"
namespace boost {
    struct thread::dummy {};

#pragma warning(push) 
#pragma warning(disable:4793) 
#include "boost/thread/mutex.hpp"
#pragma warning(pop)

#include "boost/thread/locks.hpp"

I appreciate any advice you may have. Thank you.

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Being in C:\Program Files(x86)\boost\boost_1_46_1\lib doesn't help much.

It needs to be in the DLL search path.

Other applications using boost probably have a local copy of the DLL alongside the main executable.

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You need to add the location of the boost libs to the linker search path.

Right click on the C++ project that is showing the linker error, select Properties. Go to Linker -> General then in the right hand panel you see Additional Library Directories. Put in the path to the folder holding boost_thread-vc100-mt-1_46_1.dll - typically this folder will hold all of your boost libs and will be something like D:\Program Files\boost\boost_1_49_0\stage\lib.

Now the linker will search that folder when looking for libs, and everything should work.

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