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I would like to remap d in normal mode to "_d so that it doesn't overwrite my yank buffer. I tried using

:nmap d "_d

but after doing that if I hit d my vim just dies and I can't seem to input anything. Is there any better way to remap this?

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You should never use *map when you can't answer why you are prefering it to *noremap. Command that does not fall into infinite recursion is

nnoremap d "_d

By the way, yank buffer is 0, not " which is the default for pasting. While d overrides ", it does not do so to 0. y though overrides both " and 0.

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Thanks, nnoremap works. Now it seems obvious why it was failing (the last d was being infinitely remapped). –  Mike Jul 20 '11 at 15:23

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