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I'm working with a solr app that needs to have a config friendly data location. I've been following this post with no luck.

In my solr module I have the following file

I also have the following defined in my solrconfig (also in the solr module)


solr is still creating the solr directory in the root directory so it would appear that the config friendly property can't be found.

Anyone actually hooked these up so you could config your data dir dynamically with solr?

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I was able to verify that setting data.dir in does work, but I tested this on OS X in Jetty. I'm not sure what web container you're using, but you might want to try defining

-Dsolr.solr.home=<location of solr> 

since is expected to be in

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We defined the following system property when starting up our container.\ had the following property


In our pom we added a system property section for running our maven build.

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To clarify further more.

The file (Solr 4.x) should be placed either in conf/ or collection1/conf directory of your Solr home or if Tomcat is used, it can be placed in WEB-INF/ dir of your app. Basically anywhere within Java classpath.

If Solr 5.x is used, consider using instead.

Then the configuration can be either reloaded from Application Manager (/manager/html) or Solr/Jetty/Tomcat service needs to be restarted.

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