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The description on iMacros's Firefox add-on page claims that it "is extremely versatile and can be combined with other extensions such as Greasemonkey, Web Developer, Firebug, Stylish, Download Statusbar, NoScript...", although I am not sure how this interaction works.

The reason I ask is that I am trying to implement a web scraper to navigate to websites and record HTTP interactions. However, since Tamper Data already does the HTTP request/response logging I require, I'd rather use its functionality instead of having to redo it myself.

If this is not possible, I'm wondering if anyone knows a unit tester that will allow me to:

  1. Open a Firefox browser & load Tamper Data
  2. Navigate to specified pages
  3. Click a button on Tamper Data's UI
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What about using Fiddler2 instead of Tamper Data for the HTTP request/response logging? That requires no button click to start it.

You can simply redirect traffic to it with the iMacros PROXY command. Fiddler runs as proxy, default port is 8888.

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Unfortunately, I have made changes to the source of Tamper Data to fit my needs, something I believe you cannot do with Fiddler2 as I don't think it's open source. It also seems to be for Windows users only, something that won't help me as I'm on a Mac :). However, for people who want to use the http/s traffic monitoring as is in an automated test, this is probably the best solution. –  Kotsu Jul 26 '11 at 16:32

Imacros is limited. Imacros cant open a new Firefox browser. Imacros can click a button addons which is creating a html content. Imacros is easier than the others.

Imacros has a TAG system. It is a fast way to writing macros and easier than Jquery :)

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