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Are there any good sites/services to validate consistency of CSV file ?

The same as W3C validator but for CSV?

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Validate it against what? Is there a CSV spec somewhere? I've seen plenty of different, incompatible flavors myself. – Eli Jul 21 '11 at 19:19
@Eli: There's RFC 4180, at least. – Ilmari Karonen Jul 27 '11 at 13:03
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I recently came across Google Refine - it's not a service for validating CSV files, it's a tool you download locally, but it does provide a lot of tools for working with data and detecting anomalies.


As mentioned in a reply, "CSV" has become an ill-defined term, principally because people don't follow the One True Way when using delimiter separated data


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The Open Data Institute is developing a CSV validation service that will allow users to check the structure of their data as well as validate it against a simple schema.

The service is still very much in alpha but can be found here:


The code for the application and the underlying library are both open source:



The README in the library provides a summary of the errors and warnings that can be generated. The following types of error can be reported:

  • :wrong_content_type -- content type is not text/csv
  • :ragged_rows -- row has a different number of columns (than the first row in the file)
  • :blank_rows -- completely empty row, e.g. blank line or a line where all column values are empty
  • :invalid_encoding -- encoding error when parsing row, e.g. because of invalid characters
  • :not_found -- HTTP 404 error when retrieving the data
  • :quoting -- problem with quoting, e.g. missing or stray quote, unclosed quoted field
  • :whitespace -- a quoted column has leading or trailing whitespace

The following types of warning can be reported:

  • :no_encoding -- the Content-Type header returned in the HTTP request does not have a charset parameter
  • :encoding -- the character set is not UTF-8
  • :no_content_type -- file is being served without a Content-Type header
  • :excel -- no Content-Type header and the file extension is .xls
  • :check_options -- CSV file appears to contain only a single column
  • :inconsistent_values -- inconsistent values in the same column. Reported if <90% of values seem to have same data type (either numeric or alphanumeric including punctuation)
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