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Using nokogiri I need to search through some HTML for something like:

new GLatLng(-14.468352,132.270434)

and then assign the latitude and longitude values in that code to two variables.

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You haven't shown us any example HTML. Nokogiri seems to be the wrong tool for this job if you're just searching for plain text. You could simply do:

require 'open-uri'
html = open('').read
match = /new GLatLng\((?<lat>.+?),(?<long>.+?)\)/.match html
p match[:lat].to_f
#=> -14.468352

Or, if you need an array of all such matches, say the page also has new GLatLng(17.3,42.1) on it:

matches = html.scan /new GLatLng\((.+?),(.+?)\)/
p matches
#=> [["-14.468352", "132.270434"],["17.3", "42.1"]]

The only reason you might want to use Nokogiri would be to limit your searching to a particular HTML element (e.g. some <script> block).

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