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I want a button that says "Select Time Interval" in the corner of my app, and when it is pushed, two wheels labeled "Start Time" and "End Time" show up... I'm very new to Android programming and have spent 7 hours just figuring out how to get this far:

wheels for selecting start and end time

So, I've come here for help in speeding up the process. I've made the two sets of wheels using , but haven't figured out how to add a label on top of each, how to make it not take up so much screen space (I'll want other things happening on the screen not covered up by these wheels), and what I'll probably need most help with -- make the "Select Time Interval" button that disappears when pushed and is replaced by the wheels.

Could someone please provide me with an outline of how to make this happen, and some methods that I will need to call?

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Lots of questions. :)

This is how I would do it, trying to keep most of your work in consideration.

  • Create one activity which would have Select Time Interval button and pushing it would show two buttons Select Start Time and Select End Time. You need to use setVisibility method to show hide views on the same layout.
  • On pushing select start Time I would open a dialog themed activity which would just have this wheel widget with couple of buttons at the bottom as cancel and done and label on top as start time.
  • Will do similarly for End Time
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To make more buttons appear after a button is pushed then you'll need to have an ontouchlistener on that button that when pushed makes the other widgets visibility set to visible and set each widget that you don't want to show up invisible by default.

button.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {
public void onClick(View v) {
return true;
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