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I'm trying to write up an implementation plan, but I'm not finding anything that even remotely looks professional.

I'd like to write something like:

Due to the high-level of spaghett-code in the existing program...
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Code with a high cyclomatic complexity.

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"Due to the unstructured nature of the code-base and disregard for modern software engineering practices ..."

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What about the word "unstructured"?

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I generally find that a proposal or plan that focuses on what needs to be done and the solutions is much stronger than one that focuses on the obstacles or current problems.

I don't think that sentence is necessary at all, especially if you have concerns about it being professional.

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Due to the high-level of non-existent layered lasagna code in the program...

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Perhaps something like "Due to insufficient adherence to the principles of structured programming in the existing implementation,"?

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hope this helps you out:


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Maybe you could choose a less jargon-ish term, like "unnecessarily elaborate" or "needlessly complex" or "over-engineered" or even only slightly offensive words like "haphazard" or "inconsistent and unintuitive"?

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Unnecessarily convoluted

It's always going to be a pejorative of some sort...

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You might avoid words like 'complex', because non-techies will think that's a good thing, not a bad thing. Also, the best defense for saying something's too compicated, is to respond with some equivalent of 'maybe you're just too simple to understand it'...

You might avoid words that risk insult, such as 'needless', because it characterizes the effort the previous programmer made, or worse yet, the instructions that the manager you're talking to right now gave to that previous programmer.

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Don't feel the need to use buzzwords and fancy terms. Most people are more comfortable with familiar terms. If the code needs help, don't be afraid to call a spade a spade.

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you can use something like

Due to the low-level of organisation in the program code...

i think something like that would be simple yet looks more professional

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