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here is some code:

<div id="featured" class="grid_8">
<img src="images/rotating.jpg" />
</div> <!-- end featured -->

<div id="upcoming" class="grid_4">
<h2>Upcoming Event Dates</h2>

<div id="clear"></div>

yet the id "upcoming", dips down a bit. the text should line up with the top of that image.

enter image description here

adding alpha to grid_8 and omega to grid_4 doesn't work. how can i fix this?

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H2 by default has a margin on the top. Try removing this.

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Without an actual page to look at or your CSS, I'd say it's probably padding on #upcoming or a combination of padding and/or margin on the H2 element.

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i was typing in "the 960 reset file removes the padding on the h2". then i added a margin:0; and boom it's gone. thanks guys –  mrtunes Jul 18 '11 at 21:49

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