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I want to create a custom interceptor to access the x.509 certificate, and as I have read here:

I have to create an interceptor after the default But I can't find any clue about wehre should I configure this. By the way I'm using spring xml configuration.

 <jaxws:inInterceptors >
            <!--<bean class="" >-->
                        <!--<entry key="action" value="Signature"/>-->
                        <!--<entry key="signaturePropFile" value=""/>-->
                        <!--<entry key="signatureKeyIdentifier" value="serverkey"/>-->
                        <!--<entry key="passwordCallbackClass" value=""/>-->
            <bean class=""  >


I have read that adding an interceptor after the WSS4J default interceptor would allow me to access the certificate in another interceptor executed after, but I can't find any way to change the order in which certificates executes.

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Try to use the addAfter() method of the AbstractPhaseInterceptor in your interceptor's constructor.

See detailes here.

Can you post your interceptor's code?

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