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I have a mobile web app. It is currently using iUI. I've rewritten it jQuery Mobile to try out the functionality. One thing I haven't figured out is how to replace content with Ajax.

I have list of records. I only want to display 5 records at a time. iUI has a feature where you tell the link to "replace-with" and it will replace the link with the data returned by Ajax.

So how do I do this with jquery mobile? I've tried a few jquery calls but I generally get this error and everything stops working:

b.height(i + j).data("page") is undefined
[Break On This Error] a.mobile.minScrollBack&&(j=0);d&&(d.he...ght("").data("page")._trigger("hide", ...
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You can create a function using JQuery that loads data (in the case below into an un-ordered list):

function load_list(page_num) {
    $.get('location_of_output_script.php?page=' + page_num, function (data) {
        $('#add_html_to_me > li.click_to_see_more').remove();

Your page would need some element (an un-ordered list in this case) to which the new items would be appended:

<div data-role="content">
    <ul id="add_html_to_me"></ul>

Your output script ('location_of_output_script.php' in this example) could then return the desired number of results when a button is clicked (or perhaps when the user has scrolled close enough to the bottom of the list). Here is a sample of the output I am imagining:

<li>List item 1</li>
<li>List item 2</li>
<li>List item 3</li>
<li>List item 4</li>
<li>List item 5</li>
<li class="click_to_see_more">Click Me To View More Rows</li>


  • In my example you would load a button onto the end of each output from the server-side script that would be removed just before adding the next set of rows.

  • You could replace the content of your list instead of adding to it by using the .html() function rather than .append().

  • You may need to call .listview() on the <ul> tag to have JQuery Mobile style the new content in the list.

  • If you want to add a spinner or some type of progress bar you can display it before you make the $.get call and then hide it inside of the success function of that call.

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This is essentially what I'm doing. I have the url in an anchor tag though and I'm essentially suppressing the default click behavior and calling the url with ajax to appent content to the list. I guess jquery mobile is doing some extra work and so progressive enhancement techniques may not work with jquery mobile? – Dustin Jul 19 '11 at 18:35
I took out the anchor tag and used a span tag and it seems to work fine now. Thanks. – Dustin Jul 19 '11 at 18:53

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