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I have a products detail page and I need to be able to call the appropriate work area from the database. My columns are called: ils1275_work_area, ils975_work_area, etc.

All I need are a couple of words, so I am only returning a row. Ordinarily to call the column with my SQL, I would do (in CodeIgniter):

function get_misc($item) 
    $this->db->where('lang', 'en');
    return $this->db->get('all_misc')->row();

And then in my PHP I would echo $row->ils1275_work_area. Since on a single products detail page for multiple products, I need more flexibility than that, I need to do something like:


But that doesn't work. (I am supplying the value for $laser in my controller). What syntax should I use?

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I believe the syntax you want is

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Try forming the name of the variable as its own variable:

$workArea = "{$laser}_work_area";
$val = $row->$workArea;
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@eykanal's answer is much more consise ;-) – Ben Scott Jul 19 '11 at 0:06

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