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I'm in the sad process of migrating a Mercurial repository to Subversion. Our ant build grabbed the version of the working copy and stuck it in the build product using hg id -i, for purposes of traceability. This global ID is all you need to know to track down the version that was built.

Of course, it's not that easy with SVN. I know how to get the version of the working copy (or, ahem, range of versions in the WC) using svnversion, but that alone doesn't tell you the full story: you need to know which branch or tag you're on.

Is there an easy way to grab the repository URL corresponding to a WC path? What I want is the 'URL' line that's returned from svn info, but I really don't want to parse multi-line output to get it. There has to be an easy way to get just that information back.

Doesn't there?

I miss my DVCS. :(

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From the command line it looks like you're pretty much stuck parsing svn info. However you can use the svn ant tasks to help you out http://subclipse.tigris.org/svnant/svntask.html#info. This will set a bunch of properties one of which is your repo url, I suspect it will be repourl but that isn't super well documented, it might be url.

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Cheers! I'd looked at those tasks before, and after they didn't help me do what I wanted to do at the time, I promptly forgot about them. –  Aron Jul 19 '11 at 0:42

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