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I have the following navigation menu, My question is how would I do this in Wordpress (code wise) due to each nav item having a different class. This navigation is going to be placed in front-page.php.


<div id="nav"> 
            <div class="grid_4_home hoverable"> 
                <a href="index.html"><h3>Home <span class="lucida">&raquo;</span></h3></a> 

            <div class="grid_4 hoverable"> 
                <a href="expertise.html"><h3>My Expertise <span class="lucida">&raquo;</span></h3></a> 

            <div class="grid_4_about hoverable"> 
                <a href="about.html"><h3>About Us <span class="lucida">&raquo;</span></h3></a> 

            <div class="grid_4 hoverable"> 
                <a href="testimonials.html"><h3>Testimonials <span class="lucida">&raquo;</span></h3></a> 

            <div class="grid_4 hoverable"> 
                <a href="reports.html"><h3>Case Reports <span class="lucida">&raquo;</span></h3></a> 

            <div class="grid_4_last hoverable"> 
                <a href="contact.html"><h3>Contact Us <span class="lucida">&raquo;</span></h3></a> 
        </div> <!-- end of nav --> 
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Nothing is stopping you from copying and pasting that as-is. –  Dan Grossman Jul 19 '11 at 1:30

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add your code straight into front-page.php file located in your theme folder. do it either with php echo or close php with ?> then insert your html and then reopen php with <?php

then edit style.css and put in it any additional css code you might need for your classes..

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