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I have a text file that contains a list of manufacturers. How can I read the lines of the file via PHP and write a new XML file that contains all of characters on each line of text file (the manufacturer's name)?

Text file:


The XML file to be written would look like this:

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I'd use file() for opening the file, DOMDocument (or you could use SimpleXML) for building the XML structure and file_put_contents() for saving the resulting XML to file.

$manufacturers = file('manufactures.txt');

$dom = new DOMDocument;

$data = $dom->createElement('data');


foreach($manufacturers as $manufacturer) {
   $manufacturerElement = $dom->createElement('manufacturer');
   $text = $dom->createTextNode($manufacturer);

file_put_contents('manufactures.xml', $dom->saveXML());


Also, Dan Grossman's answer answer has the good idea of using trim() on the text node before inserting it.

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$lines = file('something.txt');

$xml = "<data>\n";
foreach ($lines as $line) {
    $xml .= "<manufacturer>" . trim($line) . "</manufacturer>\n";
$xml .= "</data>";

file_put_contents('something.xml', $xml);
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oh dear, please, don't treat XML as text... you'll have to manually deal with character encoding – Rubens Farias Jul 19 '11 at 1:17

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