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Im looking to create a conditional within an in_array statement. Basically, I would like to have a value (within div tags) returned for every key within an array which is outputted by Wordpress. In essence, Wordpress outputs keys from this array based on a checkbox dialog in the admin backend. So, if a key within the array is not found (because the administrator did not click it on in the checkbox within the backend), than it will simply wont display it at all.

Here is the closest code I can ascertain as being what is needed. I decided that for testing purposes, I would temporarily have the words "Nope" returned if a key within the array is not there (rather than "simply not displaying it" as mentioned in the paragraph above).

$my_arr = get_custom_field('product_options');
$opts = array(
'Option 1' => '<div>Option 1 description</div>',
'Option 2' => '<div>Option 2 description</div>',
'Option 3' => '<div>Option 3 description</div>',

foreach($opts as $k=>$v) {
if (in_array($my_arr[$k],$opts)!==TRUE)  echo $v; else echo 'nope'; 

The above code has been tested and it does dispaly "Option __ description" for everything. It even displays "Option 2 description" when Option is not actually being outputted within the array (based off of the admin not clicking Option 2 within the backend). This is not correct and I wish to get it to (in this case for ease of testing) the echo within the "else" part of the above statement.

Update 2: Current code is here:

Update: Current code is here:

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How does $opts look like? – Marcin Jul 19 '11 at 1:38
What does $my_arr look like? – Explosion Pills Jul 19 '11 at 1:55
@tandu I did an var_export on $my_arr. Also, please note the Update 2 in the original post as the code has changed. I am almost there! var_export outputs: array ( 0 => 'Option 1', 1 => 'Option 3', ) – Mary Jul 20 '11 at 17:55

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The trick here was to switch the arrays around, e.g.

$my_arr = get_custom_field('othermulti');

$opts = array(
    'Man' => '<div>Man description</div>',
    'Bear' => '<div>Bear description</div>',
    'Pig' => '<div>Pig description</div>',

$opts_arr = array_keys($opts);

if ( is_array($my_arr) ) {
    foreach($opts_arr as $opt) {
       if ( in_array($opt, $my_arr) ) {
          print $opts[$opt]; // will print the description for checked items.
       else {
         print $opt . ' was not checked.';
else {
    print 'No options checked.';

get_custom_field() is a custom template function for the plugin where this was used. See the following link for the details:

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What is happening indicates that in fact none of the values of $my_arr match a value of $opts. I think you want to use

if (in_array($my_arr[$k], array_keys($opts)) !== TRUE) {

Also note that $my_arr[$k] === $v and in_array($x, $y) !== TRUE === !in_array($x, $y)

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Okay. Tried it as you suggested but still no result: $my_arr = get_custom_field('product_options'); $opts = array( 'Option 1' => '<div>Option 1 description</div>', 'Option 2' => '<div>Option 2 description</div>', 'Option 3' => '<div>Option 3 description</div>', ); foreach($opts as $k=>$v) { if (in_array($my_arr[$k], array_keys($opts)) !== TRUE) echo $v; else echo 'nope'; ` }` ?> – Mary Jul 19 '11 at 2:43
You need to answer what $my_arr looks like to truly be helped – Explosion Pills Jul 19 '11 at 2:44
See code I just pasted. Again, $my_arr is a Wordpress request of "get_custom_field('product_options'); " – Mary Jul 19 '11 at 2:45
@cwallenpoole Well, opts is also given to equal an array. $opts = array ( – Mary Jul 19 '11 at 2:51
I don't know what "a Wordpress request of get_custom_field()" means. – Explosion Pills Jul 19 '11 at 3:17

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