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I am requesting links to sources/material that will help me with the following problem (a problem because I am novice to Java/JAXB and coming from a PHP background).

I am supplied with a complex XSD that is created & maintained by an organization. I created the java object model using JAXB 2.1. I need to map database fields to the java/jaxb derived classes. The database fields/elements are rendered via simple XML output. Example of the XML database record output is as follows:


Example of of the JAXB derived class:

protected IvlTs problemDate;

public IvlTs getProblemDate() {
            return problemDate;

public void setProblemDate(IvlTs value) {
            this.problemDate = value;

How would I map the xml element <PROBLEM_DATE> to problemDate? Please advise of an article/tutorial that can help me get started. Also, the XML database extract is large, having nearly 500 fields/xml elements, is there a way to automate the mapping or must this all be done by hand?

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You know you can use the XSD to generate Java classes, right? See download.oracle.com/javaee/5/tutorial/doc/bnbah.html. – Matt Ball Jul 19 '11 at 2:41
I was able to generate the classes using the XSD. It is the next step I am not clear about. Which is, I am given a database record extract in the form of XML (sample of the XML is above). I need to unmarshall that XML document. When java unmarshalls the XML document, how do I map the database XML element to the Java Jaxb derived class? – Hjones Jul 19 '11 at 3:31
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You'll want to read up on JAXB annotations. For this particular problem, you want to annotate the getProblemDate() method with


If there's a common pattern, like problemDate -> PROBLEM_DATE and in general fooBar -> FOO_BAR, then it should be pretty easy to write a regex find/replace to get what you need.

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