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first of all, I'm using RVM... and I don't know much about managing gem lists.

So, I tried to push my db to heroku using heroku db:push, and I get the following error:

$ sudo heroku db:push
Taps Load Error: no such file to load -- taps/operation
You may need to install or update the taps gem to use db commands.
On most systems this will be:

sudo gem install taps

I installed taps (sudo gem install taps, now at taps 0.3.23), and I have the latest heroku. No idea why this is happening ... and I can't seem to find much info on it online either. I tried running sudo heroku db:push, but that didn't change anything at all.

I also tried to install the gem locally (?) but that gave me a gem permission error.

Any ideas on what could be happening here?

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If you're using RVM, you should never use sudo.

Which ruby do you have RVM set to use at the time when the push is failing? You should just need the heroku and taps gems install for that ruby (again, no sudo). Use "gem list heroku" and "gem list taps" to check.

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I see, interesting. So what should I do now? I tried to do gem install taps ... but that gave me a gems permission error. Also, here's another bit of info (thanks so much for your response!): $ gem list heroku *** LOCAL GEMS *** $ gem list taps *** LOCAL GEMS *** taps (0.3.23) – Ringo Blancke Jul 19 '11 at 4:07

If your using RVM, then

gem install taps

if your not, then

sudo gem install taps

if it still doesn't work, run taps and see if it generates an error. Mine was complaining that sqlite3 wasn't installed. I installed the sqlite3 gem, and it worked

gem install sqlite3

And no, i'm not using sqlite3 anywhere in my application. Your error could be caused by some other dependency too.

If you're still having trouble uninstall both heroku and taps, and then reinstall

gem uninstall heroku
gem uninstall taps
gem install heroku
gem install taps
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I had same prob, after re-installing Heroku toolbelt and taps - gem install sqlite3 made the diff for me, and I'm not using it in my app either – Mitch Jan 10 '13 at 12:02
same issue. not using sqlite3 but installing it allowed me to run heroku db:pull – Lee McAlilly Apr 1 '13 at 15:07

Besides updating taps you should also updated heroku

gem update taps
gem update heroku

Then check to see if you have more than one version:

which -a gem
gem list

If that returns more than one version for taps or heroku you should remove the older ones:

gem uninstall taps gem uninstall heroku

You should also make sure that rvm is installed and working.

If you type $ rvm in your console you should get some output. If you do not then you need to install rvm again here.

Then with rvm list you can see the different ruby versions. See what ruby version you are using with ruby -v. If it is below 1.9.2 try installing a new ruby version.

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