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Can I use the facebook API to make a windows desktop application? Like create a chat client to use to chat with facebook users??

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try this one Facebook SDK or from Facebook

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yes, while I have not done it myself, there seem to be standalone apps developed for facebook like FaceoffIM... so I am assuming you can.

If I remember correctly, Telerik is maintaining something in Silverlight called fdek... which would again mean in principle it is possible.

There is also a Facebook C# SDK available on Codeplex which might be of use... under its project description it states "The Facebook C# SDK helps .Net developers build web, desktop, Silverlight, and Windows Phone 7 applications that integrate with Facebook."

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This link has a quick example of using the Facebook API in WPF

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Yes, you can develop desktop applications that interact with the Facebook API's.

You can use the C# SDK which is introduced in this official blog post

Basically, any desktop application just needs to send http web requests to the Facebook API's. The easiest would be to use the the Graph API (

Hope this helps.

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