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While trying to automate testing with selenium rc I ran into this problem. I was just following the steps in the tutorials. Here is the code (same as tutorials):

public class SeleniumTest
    private ISelenium selenium;
    private StringBuilder verificationErrors;

    public void SetupTest()
        selenium = new DefaultSelenium("localhost", 4444, @"*custom D:\Program Files (x86)\Firefox 4\firefox.exe", "http://www.google.com/");
        verificationErrors = new StringBuilder();

    public void TeardownTest()
        catch (Exception)
            // Ignore errors if unable to close the browser
        Assert.AreEqual("", verificationErrors.ToString());

    public void TheGoogleTest()
        selenium.Type("lst-ib", "selenium");
            Assert.IsTrue(selenium.IsTextPresent("Selenium - Web Browser Automation"));
        catch (AssertionException e)

When I run the test, my firefox-5 browser pops up and the url looks like this:

I thought the url should be http://localhost:4444 and changed the url (leaving the rest). Now a selenium page opens up (with commands on the right). It then opens the google page, but nothing after that. And nunit shows me the test case failed, stating the reason: Permission denied to access property 'document'

Any idea? Thanks in advance.

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Someone answered it on sqa.stackexchange.com:

I tried with "*chrome D:\Program Files (x86)\Firefox 4\firefox.exe" and seems it is working.

Quote from the link mentioned:

Here *chrome refers to firefox browser and has elevated security privileges on java script security restrictions.

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