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I am working with Outlook Addin I have a database which get updated by some other application and according to that I am addin appointments and calenders in outlook through exchange server webservice managed api. This process of adding and updating appointments in the ews managed api is through a service but i have created an addin. Because you has the flexibility of changing of changing the appointment date and time also and when ever he does that i need to updated the other application regarding the time and date changed in outlook and also update the changes in database table. The problem in which I have stuck is that the user want to drag and drop the appointment instead of going to the addin and clicking on the button. So i have attached the itemchange event on the appointment items in all the calenders. But when ever my service is adding new appointment or updates that so I don't understand how to resolve this.

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Retrieve the Calendar folder (Namespace.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderCalendar)), store the Items object (MAPIFolder.Items) in a class variable to make sure it does not get garbage collected. track the Items.ItemAdd/ItemChange events.

Adding event handlers to all items in a folder is a very bad idea, especially if you are using an online Exchange store.

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