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I am trying to implement a simple UITableView in an iPad UIModalPresentationFormSheet style dialog. Each cell in the UITableView has an embedded UITextField. Whenever I select one of the bottom text boxes, The FormSheet slides up, but the UITableView does not scroll, and the keyboard hides the input fields.

I have seen the discussion on how to resize a UITableView in these situations, and have implemended much of that code. I just need to know how I can calculate how much I need to shrink my UITableView to expose those fields.

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You can use TPKeyboardAvoidingTableView it is available for free. Search on google for it.

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I'm diggin this TableView Subclass. His code is also a good example of how to do this in the future as well. Thanks! Here is the source: github.com/michaeltyson/TPKeyboardAvoiding –  Corey Larson Jul 19 '11 at 8:17

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