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I am creating a Google chrome Extension in this extension I want to access(query) data from "SqliteDb".The SqliteDb placed in Temp folder. How will i do this.please suggest me.if have any need of using plugins then provide me link.


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I'm rather confused; to me this seems pretty obvious. If you want to access sqlite from a NPAPI plugin (which you can then use from inside a chrome extension) you need to embed the sqlite libary.

There should be no reason that you can't use normal C (or C++) libraries for database access from within your plugin.

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i am new in plugins development so please suggest me how to use sqlite library in NPAIP plugins.i create a NPAPI plugins by Fire Breath so how include sqlite library and access data from sqlitedb. – Nishant N Jul 21 '11 at 5:42
You need to understand that this is not a plugin question; it's a C++ question. On the FireBreath website do a search for Libraries that will tell you how to specify additional link libraries in the cmake config; that's not a plugin question either, but it'll help to know it. Then you need to learn how to use the sqlite library in C++. I recommend doing some searches for something like "sqlite c++ example" on google. – taxilian Jul 21 '11 at 5:56

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