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Is there a tool to find the difference between two databases.

Both the schema and the actual data are pretty much the same, but not 100%. Do you know a tool that can help to succinctly describe the changes.

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Duplicate of, among others, stackoverflow.com/questions/104203/… –  harpo Mar 23 '09 at 17:27
@harpo: Nope, this one asks for a MySQL tool, while the one you refer to asks for a SQL Server tool. –  neu242 Aug 16 '12 at 9:16
SQLyog is another option. The UI is intuitive and easy. –  Sathish D Jan 17 at 12:15

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Toad for MySQL has good schema and data comparison/sync tools, and it is free.

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Great tool - only available for Windows though :( –  jasdeepkhalsa Oct 4 at 13:37

The SQL tools from RedGate do this for both schema and data.

Edit: just noticed the tag for this is mysql so my answer will probably not be of use.

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Red Gate now has MySQL comparison tools as well: mysql-compare.com –  David Atkinson Oct 22 '11 at 17:12

Try mysql-diff, command-line tool that can compare live DB or SQL script with live DB or SQL script.

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Thanks! I like the way this generates the diff as SQL statements. –  neu242 Aug 16 '12 at 9:14

I think the tool you want is mysqldbcompare which is a command-line tool developed by MySQL themselves that will compare both schema and data on Windows, Linux and Mac!

It's part of their MySQL Utilities. Here is the full documentation for the tool: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysql-utilities/1.4/en/mysqldbcompare.html

If you're working locally your data should be in two databases (the original db and the changed one), then you can run this which will show the output as SQL statements for both the schema and the data:

Please note: that currently the SQL output produced by this tool is not 100% valid SQL

mysqldbcompare  --server1=root@localhost db1:db2 --difftype=sql --run-all-tests

For just the schema diff run:

mysqldbcompare  --server1=root@localhost db1:db2 --difftype=sql --skip-data-check

For just the data diff run:

mysqldbcompare  --server1=root@localhost db1:db2 --difftype=sql --skip-object-compare --skip-diff --skip-row-count
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+1. Good tip. Just what I needed. –  Leigh Oct 29 at 20:29

Do an export of both DB structures and use CVS (SVN, etc..) compare function.

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I am not sure about free diffs, but I use Aqua Data Studio and it has great compare tools, including a Schema diff compare tool.

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Toad Data Modeler has grate tools for schema comparison

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I would definitely go with AdeptSQL if you're using MSSQL. It's the least good looking but the most talented db compare tool amongst the ones I've tried. It can compare both the structure and the data. It tells you which tables exist on one db but does not exist on the other, compares the structure and data of the common ones and it can produce the script to synchronize the two. It's not free but has a 30 day trial (as far as I can remember)

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You might have a look at Devart's database comparison tools for MySQL: dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL and dbForge Data Compare for MySQL.

If you need to use both schema and data comparison at one time and/or some other functionality, than you must be interested in our complex solution - dbForge Studio for MySQL, a powerful and comprehensive MySQL manager and admin IDE.

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