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Hi i am using the following code at the server end for multiple clients to connect..

public class Tcpfileserver extends Thread
    private ServerSocket serverSocket;    

    public static  void main(String[] args)
        Tcpfileserver obj=new Tcpfileserver();

public void run()
serverSocket = new ServerSocket(3000);
                        Socket socket = serverSocket.accept();  // accept connection

                        TcpThread t = new TcpThread(socket);    // make a thread of it

                        //System.out.println("Remote IP:"+socket.getInetAddress());

                        //System.out.println("Remote Port:"+socket.getPort());


but when multiple clients connect to my server some of them timeout,why is there a delay from my side to accept connection instantly?

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try specifying maximum number of clients as

serverSocket = new ServerSocket(3000,10);

Here it should accept upto 10 connections without having any problem. Moreover you can check your statistics using netstat -a what will show that port 3000 is still listening even after making connection with one client and has assigned either 3001 ( or greater) / 2999 ( or lesser) port to your existing client.

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@bt the problem is not the number of connection!!sometimes the 2nd client also goes timout..if there is only one client connected – Harinder Jul 19 '11 at 7:14
is this the correct method for handelling multiple connections from your point of view? – Harinder Jul 19 '11 at 7:48
yes i think. have you checked output of this command "netstat -a" ? it should be like your 3000 port should always be in listening state with a local port saying TIME_WAIT and established connection should be in ESTABLISHED state . – peeyush Jul 19 '11 at 7:56
yup its like that,,!! – Harinder Jul 19 '11 at 8:08
mmm there was some other issue!!but this helpd!!thnks – Harinder Jul 19 '11 at 12:21

Are you considering to use a framework? Give this a try: Apache MINA

Sample code:

public abstract class DefaultServerHandler extends IoHandlerAdapter {
    private SocketAcceptor acceptor;
    private String socketAddress;
    private int socketPort;

    public void exceptionCaught(IoSession session, Throwable t)
        throws Exception {

    public void messageReceived(IoSession session, Object msg) throws Exception {
            //code to process received messages

    public void sessionCreated(IoSession session) throws Exception {
  "Session created by: " + session.getRemoteAddress());
            if (session.getTransportType() == TransportType.SOCKET) {
                ((SocketSessionConfig) session.getConfig())
            session.setIdleTime(IdleStatus.BOTH_IDLE, 10);

    public void bind() {
  "bind " + socketPort);
            ByteBuffer.setAllocator(new SimpleByteBufferAllocator());

            acceptor = new SocketAcceptor();

            ProtocolCodecFilter codec = new ProtocolCodecFilter(
            new TextLineCodecFactory(Charset.forName("UTF-8")));
            SocketAcceptorConfig cfg = new SocketAcceptorConfig();
            cfg.getFilterChain().addLast("codec", codec);

            try {
                    acceptor.bind(socketAddress, this, cfg);
            } catch (IOException e) {

    public void unbind() {
  "unbind " + socketPort);
            acceptor.unbind(new InetSocketAddress(socketPort));
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